Monday, August 24, 2009


Say I Won't/ The Gaslight Anthem/ Senor and the Queen EP

Storm Clouds/ Quiet Life/ Big Green EP
To Be Young (is to be sad, is to be high)/ Ryan Adams/ Heartbreaker
2 Headed Boy/ Andrew Jackson Jihad/ Under the Influence, Vol 6

Feather Bed/ Fruit Bats/ The Ruminant Band
The Fox, The Crow and the Cookie/ mewithoutyou/ It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Allright!
My Friend/ Dr. Dog/ Fate

***Hang On/ Dr. Dog/ Fate
Spider Cider/ Man Man/ Six Demon Bag
Van Helsing Boom Box/ Man Man/ Six Demon Bag
Autumn Beds/ Modest Mouse/ Autumn Beds EP

Lisztimania/ Phoenix/ Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Living North/ Cymbals Eat Guitars/ Why There Are Mountains
Replacing the Northwest/ Talbot Tagora/ Lessons in the Woods or a City
Time Spent Breathing/ My Heart to Joy/ Seasons In Verse

The Boys Are Leaving Town/ Japandroids/ Post- Nothing
Old Clouds/ Pterodactyl/ Worldwild
Don't Smoke/ Mount Eerie/ Black Wooden Ceiling Opening
Thor, Forgive Me/ Total Bolsheviks/ Valhalla At Yer Boyz

Buses/No Buses/ Bear vs. Shark/ Right Now, You're in the Best of Hands. And if Something Isn't Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know in a Hurry
Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)/ Desaparecidos/ Read Music/ Speak Spanish
Katie's Conscience/ Algernon Cadwallader/ Some Kind of Cadwallader
I Love NYC/ Andrew W.K./ I Get Wet

New Pony/ The Dead Weather/ Horehound
Takoma The Dolphin Is Awol/ The Mae Shi/ Terrorbird
$100 Cover/ Japanther/ Skuffy Up My Huffy
Birthdays/ XO Skeletons/ Bored By Heaven
1,000 Cigarettes/MSTRKRFT/ Fist of God

Little Girl/ Death From Above 1979/ Romance Bloody Romance
Abandon Ship/ Benefit Friends/ Count Everest
Stomp the Pedal/ Yea Big + Kid Static/ The Future's Looking Grim
S is for Summer/ Subtitle/ Terrain to Rome
I Have No Fun/ Vivian Girls/ Everything Goes Wrong

Get With It Sierra/ Totally Michael/ Totally Michael