Monday, January 25, 2010

humanoid invasion mon 1/25/10

a more perfect union- titus andronicus- the monitor

poor man's daughter- retribution gospel choir- 2
midnight in her eyes- the black keys- thickfreakness

i blame you- obits - i blame you
alex beard- strand of oaks- strand of oaks EP
bury 3 dynamos- silver mt. zion- kollaps tradixionals

what would you want? sky- animal collective- fall be kind EP
bwav remix- benefit friends
dark night of the soul- danger mouse & sparklehorse- dark night of the soul

ongyilkos vasarnap- venetian snares- rossz csillag alatt szuletett
hatchet- low- hatchet
telling me things feat RZA- blakroc- blakroc
what you do to me- blakroc- blakroc

smoke & mirrors- RJD2- deadringer
a son's cycle- RJD2- the colossus
the stranger- RJD2- the colossus
the string- madlib- beat konductra

the overachievers- liars- sisterworld
attitude- mika miko- 666 EP
re150- gospel gossip- sing into my mouth

the great elsewhere- owen pallett- heartland
sun- pocahaunted- gold miner's daughters
auntie's lock- flying lotus- los angeles

humanoid invasion- laserdance- the best of laserdance

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day 2010

r.i.p. jay reatard

no trust- the black keys- thickfreakness

in a sweater poorly knit- mewithoutyou - brother, sister
the gardner- the tallest man on earth- shallow grave
born to lose- woods - songs of shame

summer song- YACHT- see mystery lights
town crier- XO skeletons- bored by heaven
clowne towne- xiu xiu- fabulous muscles

you're not me- ty segall- ty segall
so bored- wavves- wavves
wet hair - japandroids- post nothing

hajnal- venetian snares- rossz csillag alatt szuletett
over oceans- benefit friends- count everest
frontier psychiatrist- the avalanches- since i left you

about her- malcom mclaren- kill bill vol. 2 soundtrack
everybody's favorite weapon- free moral agents- everybody's favorite weapon
PWND control- the mae shi, yea big, & kid static- hill yea ep

aqua teen hunger force- dangerdoom- the mouse and the mask
love lockdown- apathy
ghostwriter- RJD2- deadringer

it aint gonna save me- jay reatard- watch me fall
see/saw- jay reatard- matador singles 08
DOA- jay reatard- matador singles 08
i'm watching you- jay reatard- matador singles 08

magic word- fucked up- the chemistry of the common life
half idiot- pissed jeans- king of jeans
lady shoes- the jesus lizard- goat
spray paint- black flag- damaged
fish fry- big black- songs about fucking

fun night- andrew w.k.- i get wet
$100 cover- japanther- skuffed up my huffy

**under pressure- the blood brothers

** denotes request

Monday, January 11, 2010

the ICE ROCK SHOW - mon jan 11, 2010

danger and dread- brown bird- the devil dancing

not so dense- deer tick- war elephant
so far around the bend- the national- dark was the night sampler
california- low- the great destroyer

friends with lofts- netherfriends- calling you out ep
on a highway- animal collective- fall be kind
hideous- pocahaunted- gold miner's daughters
bloody coat- lewis and clarke

down this road- woods- songs of shame
at the pool- grooms- rejoicer
i get (almost) everything i want- the mae shi
postcard- slaraffenland- we're on your side

girlfriend- phoenix- wolfgang amadeus phoenix
ghostwriter- RJD2- deadringer
la la love you - pixies- doolittle
F.I.T.F. #1 - jookabox- dead zone boys

rockers east vancouver- japandriods- post nothing
oh messy life- cap 'n jazz- analphabetapolothology
of leaves falling- book slave- all bad things
summer goth - wavves- wavves

metal bike- japanther- leather wings
better babes - XO skeletons- bored by heaven
color temperature- benefit friends- GRRRRANIMALZ

brian the vampire- xiu xiu
set 'em free- akron/family- set em wild, set em free
don't smoke- mount eerie- black wooden ceiling opening
the password is pelican- ex models- zoo psychology
the afterlife- YACHT- see mystery lights

monkey trick- the jesus lizard- goat
dominate yourself- pissed jeans -king of jeans